10 Livestreaming Content options for brands wanting connections

It’s no secret that livestreaming has rapidly become one of the most effective types of content a brand can use. Not only is this the most compelling and authentic type of content, but it is now showing to be one of the highest converting.

While livestreaming to date has been quickly taken up by the conferencing market, brands are reaping benefits of creativity and responsiveness when it comes to delivering experiences to their audience. Innovative audience experiences are the most exciting part of content marketing and brands looking to inspire audience members are winning hearts, minds and customers.

Some of the most popular uses of Livestreaming as a Content channel are:

Mass Workforce Meeting

A large and dispersed workforce can often get disconnected from the organisation’s leadership and their brands ethos without good top-down communication.

Livestreaming a CEO address to the workforce is a great way to keep employees engaged, focused and feeling appreciated. Incorporating live Q&A into the event will add authenticity and a real sense of being heard to the team’s experience.

Employee Generated Meeting

Not unlike the Business Leader’s livestream, a livestream for a dispersed workforce that gives the distanced team members a chance to generate their own content to each other is an effective way of creating connections, loyalty and a sense of being valued. These meetings can include presentations from alternate sub groups of employees and can even be used for fun purposes with entertainment generated by differing groups.

Customer Updates

Organisations that communicate with their customers and prospects with vital brand or company information (e.g. Quarterly updates, Upcoming product news etc) generate an authentic channel of trust with their audience.

Entertainment Event

One of the most effective ways to add value to a product/service that exists in a commoditised market is to add an invitation to a livestreamed event. It says ”Only by being OUR customer will you also get this event”. This is a great time to deliver exclusive entertainment like a private concert or influencer.

Product Tutorials or Webinars

If your product is one where training or tutorials will make your customers better (and hence happier) users, a livestream tutorial or interview with an influential teacher can give your customers just the boost they need. A regular time each month means they can plan their time, attend the livestream and even better… ask questions. This is not only a great way to increase loyalty, it also builds community, a brand aspect money can’t buy.

Panel Discussions

If your brand is at the cutting edge in its field, or has a unique USP among its competitors, a panel discussion is an effective way to garner an audience and a reputation for thought leadership. Invite a few recognised experts along to discuss the topic of choice for your market and you have a unique opportunity. Not only can this habit build a large audience but it positions your brand as a sector leader. Even better if you allow viewers to ask the panel real-time questions. This is also a great way to launch a new White paper or e-book.

Brand Vlog

While this livestream product can take some organising, the idea of creating your own brands regular Vlog show as a livestream can set your brand apart. Always have pre recorded content lined up to show and always invite influential live guests. Hosting this primarily on your own purpose built web page is advisable giving regular viewers an easy access link via social, email or website. This livestreaming content technique is also the best to use if your goal is to attract using entertaining content – just make sure your host is professional and proficient and watch your data post episode carefully to make sure you produce more of what works and less of what doesn’t

Remote and Hybrid Conferences

The live conference market, while largely dormant as the world learned to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, is and will be again a vibrant and effective marketing tool for many industries and businesses. Marketers cannot beat the unique contextual environment generated in these events. In recent years brands have struggled to replicate the context as they moved to virtual events however more is now understood about the need to add interactivity to virtual events to prevent attendees from feeling virtual event fatigue.

As we slowly watch the conference and live events market move back to life, we have new insights into the reach and opportunity of maintaining some virtual component to every one of these events. Hybrid events done well will represent the gold standard moving forward and companies like Streaminghouse are constantly developing more ways to link the virtual and the live audiences to create genuinely rewarding experiences for larger numbers attending conferences.

Product Launches

University open days in the last 2 years have shown that product showcases can work just as well as their live event equals if done well. This opens up a new conversation about the opportunities of creative Product launches as livestreamed events.

Audiences are often primed to be excited about new product launches and brands like Apple and Microsoft have been showing the world the massive reach that can be attained using livestreamed product launches. All the world is waiting for now is innovative ways that viewers can take part.

Market Feedback/”Townhalls”

Industries heavily engaged with community engagement such as mining, urban development, governments and renewables have found lockdowns a huge impediment to the traditional townhall presentations in metro and rural areas. Again, as necessity has proven to fuel invention, livestreaming such gatherings has shown that in some instances a greater reach can be gained online. Adding the feedback mechanisms discussed in 5 ways to use Livestreaming to increase conversion not only increases the potential social engagement from traditional “Townhalls” but it also opens up an easier (more anonymous) means of feedback and can thus increase the accuracy of information collected.

As lockdowns subside (for now) and consumers return to a more normal set of behaviours, brands can take an enormous amount of knowledge and new techniques from the lockdown experiences to enter the new normal with even more efficient, more authentic and better user experiences using livestreaming techniques as well as live events.

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