5 ways to repurpose your live stream

So you've finished streaming this week's webcast to your audience and everything went great. What next?

The show you've just broadcast doesn't have to vanish into the ether. By downloading the source file from your live streaming platform, (you will already have it if you are using Streaminghouse) you'll have valuable raw material that can be chopped up and used in a variety of ways to get more out of your investment. It can also ease the workload on your content creators.

Here are some of the options.

1. Upload the stream

Watching a live stream after the fact doesn't compare, but some people might still be interested to see what they missed. Most streaming platforms give you the option to download your video content as an MP4 file, which can then easily be uploaded just like a normal on-demand video.

Make sure you give your upload a compelling title, description and tags that will appeal to viewers and search algorithms alike. If you want to take things further, write a transcript of the video to include in the description.

2. Post edited highlights

Part of the beauty of live webcasting is its rough and ready nature. Technical glitches and fluffed lines can be fun for audiences watching at the time, but you might not want to preserve them for posterity. Audience attention spans are also shorter when they're not watching live, so they might not sit through the whole thing.

Instead of uploading the whole stream, a better option can be to cut out and keep the most interesting parts that are more likely to get views and shares. If your webcast contains plenty of gold, you might be able to mine five or more videos out of it.

3. Blog it

Video’s keep your corporate blog easy to digest and interesting. Your live stream could be the basis for one or more topics. You could write a summary of what the show covered, follow up on points raised, write your own response, or just embed a video and let it speak for itself.

Keep in mind that typical video content uses around 150 words per minute, so even a four-minute clip of your live stream will be the equivalent of a 600-word blog post. When people play videos embedded on your website, this counts towards your views and likes on the video hosting platform.

Live Streaming Brand help

4. Create a graphic

People love visual content, and social media posts with images get significantly more attention than those without. If you're stuck for image content, your live stream contains everything you need.

If someone on your webcast used a great turn of phrase, you can immortalise their words with an eye-catching quote graphic. If they broke down a complex topic into simple stages, it could be crying out for an infographic.

5. Publish a podcast

Are you thinking about adding a podcast to your digital marketing arsenal as well as live video? Great news – you've already recorded it!

Converting your live stream into a podcast is as simple as separating the audio, but you might also want to take the opportunity to tighten it up and remove the excess. Edits are much less noticeable on audio than on video, and you can cut between topics by recording new links or adding music stings.

To be prepared to make the most of your live streamed content, it is a great idea to have a team prepare a video mood board or video style guide for your organisation. Having consistent branded thumbnail designs, captions and opening introduction sequences makes all your content look professional and worth watching.

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