8 Ideas for live stream video content

Live streaming is the fastest growing segment of online video. Audiences in Australia and worldwide love the immediacy of live video and the opportunities it offers to interact with brands in real time.

Getting started with corporate streaming isn't too difficult. Coming up with fresh and exciting video content on a regular basis – that can be more of a challenge.

If you're struggling for ideas, finding out more about the different types of live streaming companies use to deliver compelling content to their audiences could help you to develop a content calendar with plenty of variety. Here are some of the most popular.

1. Event live streaming

Are you organising or speaking at an event? Talks and conferences are some of the most popular types of live video content, so you shouldn't miss the chance to connect with that engaged audience.

As well as helping to get your name out there, you can also increase ticket sales at your next event, with research showing that people are more likely to attend an event after watching a live stream.

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2. Special guests

Still on the subject of event streaming, if you can secure a big name for your event – whether it's a celebrity, a local politician or a respected thought leader in your industry – you can make your webcasts much more appealing to the wider audience beyond your own followers.

3. Exclusive interviews

If you can bag an exclusive interview with a star speaker at an event or someone else in your industry, this will add value to your live streams and raise your profile.

If it's someone really exciting, you could even think about charging people to view the live stream on your website. Research that shown that almost half of live streaming audiences would be willing to pay for video content from a favourite speaker.

4. Breaking news

One of the advantages of live streaming is its immediacy. If your competitors haven't got to grips with corporate streaming yet, you can be the first on the scene to cover major industry news and product launches that your followers want to know about, getting the conversation started.

5. Advice and tutorials

Practical advice is one of the most shared types of content on social media. People love to learn, and if you or other members of your team are experts on certain topics, or you can offer by step-by-step advice to simplify complex issues, there's a receptive audience out there waiting for you.

6. Q&A sessions

As well as growing your audience, you also need to think about existing followers who already like your brand and want to know more. Arranging a Q&A session where you answer questions from a real-time chat feed is a great way to engage directly with your audience and make them feel valued.

7. Product demonstrations

Do you have a new product or service launching soon? Don't save it for the newsletter – get people excited to tune in for a live reveal. Customers are also more trusting of product demonstrations that happen in real time, without the possibility of deceptive editing.

8. Office tours

If you're really stuck for ideas, something as simple as a behind-the-scenes tour of your office introducing the people behind your company helps to humanise your brand and nurture the relationship with your audience.

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