Enhancing your event with Periscope

As a professional webcast and video production provider you’d probably think I would be terrified of Periscope. “Run for the hills, its another evil free social video monster coming to eat us out of home and office”. On the contrary, I actually think Periscope is a good thing and here’s why.

This tool will help people think about the way they approach a video broadcast. It will make them think about the content, the message they are trying to deliver and the environment they are broadcasting from.

Periscope video is vertical only (portrait). Living in a 16:9 or widescreen world I hope this restriction will change soon. Maybe it's Periscope’s way of being a little like Twitter with their 140 character restriction. 

Periscope is not meant to be a mind-blowing 4k UHD satellite truck quality production. It’s a one person broadcast truck, ad-hoc, "here I am", "look at what you are missing but don’t worry because I’m here to show you..." video tool. It’s role is to enhance the experience of an event by delivering behind the scenes updates, quick vox-pop style interviews, how to videos, intimate view on the workings of… you get the point.

With more than 15 million users worldwide Periscope has certainly made an impact. We use Periscope as a part of our primary video feed to serve as a kind of “warm up guy” for webcast events. Why keep people waiting, sitting there in their office or home hoping the thing will start soon? Why not do a Periscope backstage, give them something to be a part of, something that the in-house audience doesn’t get.

The pitfalls with ad-hoc streaming is that you still need to protect your brand from anything being shown or said that is inappropriate. A solution could be for a Periscope screening person to roam ahead and warn everyone that “hey guys we are live on-air so no %#*!ing swearing ok!”.

Businesses are thinking about ways to engage their audience, break down the walls and show a less formal side to their persona. I welcome social video tools like Periscope and Meerkat to online video as yet another way to tell your story.