How live streaming can boost SEO and conversions

by : Scott Gorman / in: Streaming

If you're sceptical about how live streaming can benefit your business, that's understandable. Not every new bandwagon is worth jumping aboard until you've seen the results, especially if you've been burned before. But three years on from streaming's breakthrough year, the success story is still being told.

Streaming has a unique appeal to audiences who love its direct approach and are hooked on every word when they can't skip to the end. As part of content marketing campaigns, corporate streaming delivers the goods – as long as you're doing it right.

Who watches live streams?

Who doesn't? Whether you're streaming a World Cup match at the office or tuning in for a talk or tutorial from a favourite speaker, event streaming and webcasting have really taken off since all the big social and video platforms launched live services from 2015.

Recent stats show that 78% of Facebook users now watch live video content regularly, which generates 600% more interactions than on-demand video. A recent IAB survey revealed that 69% of Australians watch live streams, and that was before the World Cup brought even more on board. Live streams are mainstream.

Getting to the top

Search engines and social networks thrive on giving users what they want. When audiences started to favour fresh and engaging live content, so did social and search ranking algorithms.

If you're chasing pole position in search results and news feeds, live videos rank higher on Facebook Live, YouTube and other platforms while they're streaming and even afterwards. This helps to cut through the chatter, but to really stand out against other webcasts, you need to go back to the basics of white hat SEO and engaging content.

How to make live streaming work for you

Anyone can get a live stream up and running in no time, but just because you're broadcasting raw and unedited doesn't mean you should take streaming any less seriously than your other marketing efforts. To get the most out of your live streams, you should:

Pick your platforms carefully

Facebook and YouTube give you access to huge audiences, but specialist streaming platforms give you more control. Streaming companies can help you set up your own branded site to host your streams, or you can embed streams on your main website.

Include keywords

Keywords aren't just important for blogs and websites. Your video titles, descriptions and tags should all include the terms people are searching for so they'll show up in results. If you're embedding a live stream on a website, include keywords in the URL too.

Record in high quality

Audiences expect live streams to be less polished than on-demand video, but they still have standards. Two-thirds of audiences say video quality is the most important factor when choosing a live stream to watch, so make sure your camera, lighting and audio equipment are up to scratch for 2018.

Create compelling content

However nice your webcast looks, you're not going to build an audience if you don't have something interesting to say. Research the types of content that people love to watch – from events and interviews to how-to guides and behind-the-scenes tours – and start planning a calendar of engaging webcasts your audience won't want to miss.

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