Macquarie Uni leads with the power of Streaming

Australian Universities are facing an uncertain landscape amid the current pandemic. The education of our future adult population has been of much concern to both politicians and educators while oscillating  COVID-19 restrictions keep students anxious about the safety of attending campus. 

Macquarie University in Sydney chose a bold path in this heavily masked environment and elected to Live-stream their biggest public student recruitment event of the year - and we were honoured to be chosen as the team to make it happen with them.

Via a custom built event website developed by Nimbler Digital, 14 stages matching each Area of Study, live streamed for 7 hours on Saturday for the event along with interactive games, downloadable Course Guides, FAQ's and Videos on Demand.

Mac Uni Open Day streamed 2020

The university's students were the petrol that fuelled this engine. they undertook training and performed many of the 300+ roles required to pull off such a feat.

30 lives switchers, 45 on air hosts, 28 stage managers, 50+ live Q&A moderators, 100+ live-chat staff and students and 20 runners.

We provided the streaming, training, production and web capabilities but the University showed an amazing depth of character with the students, the final products if you like, running the whole show all the while adhering to strict COVID Safe protocols.  A dedicated and talented group of staff and academics also played their part both on screen and off. 

The final statistics for the day were more than we had hoped for this event. What is even more significant is that Macquarie University showed how skilled, adaptable, and totally ready their soon-to-be graduates are for the challenges that await them in an uncertain world. 

Kudos to Macquarie and thanks for choosing StreamingHouse and Nimbler Digital. We stand ready and eager to work with you (and your amazing students) in the future. "(You)us".

The site remains live at with information for any student considering enrolling in any course next year.